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I got to say i'm not really proud of this but for what it is, i am. I got my report card the other day, and i already knew i did real horrible this year. I thought i was gonna have to go to summer school. But i don't which is awesome. I guess i just feel proud for being one of the best slackers ever. I failed 4 major subjects 3rd term. 2 of them i failed again 4th term. But i still managed to pass for the year. I guess i feel good about that. I mean sure in the long run its not gonna be good, but for now i feel a sense of accomplishment.

I'm trying real hard to start a band. Where the fuck do you find musicians that are good? I started doing demo's of songs on my 8-track. I like them so far. So if you know anyone who plays a mean tripped out keyboard, drums, bass, or can reallly sing. Let me know!
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